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Water Treatment Controllers

CHEMTROL Programmable Controllers features an advanced microprocessor-based technology that introduces a new standard of sophistication in automated water treatment. Applications include: cooling towers, boilers, industrial process water, food processing, drinking water & waste water treatment.

Features of Chemtrol Controllers:

  • Conductivity control, with choice of bleed programs
  • PH Control Option, with automatic acid and base feed
  • ORP Control Option for oxidizing biocide
  • Corrosion Monitor Option
  • Single-Stage Filtration Automation Option
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Langelier Saturation Index for Water Balance
  • Makeup and Bleed Watermeter inputs
  • Four Chemical Feed Programs
  • On Board Datalogging
  •  5-Year Full Function Warranty on Electronics
  •  Large Display Screen
  •  Easy-to-Use Menus and Submenus
  •  Wireless Alarm Notification Option
  • Communication Options include: Ethernet, Modem, RS-485, most Building Automation Systems