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Bellacide 325

Bellacide 325

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4% Terbuthylazine

Bellacide 325 is a highly effective specialized algaecide for use in industrial cooling and ornamental water systems. Bellacide 325 is a dilute, that when used synergistically with biocides such as the LiquiBrom series, provides:
  • 8-times better algal inhibition than non-oxidizing biocides
  • Selective control of all algal growth by inhibiting photosynthesis
  • Elimination of many of the problems caused by unchecked algal growth (i.e. – loss of cooling efficiency, increased corrosion, blockages and unsightly visible contamination)
  • Cost effective and prolonged protection against all identified strains of algae, even at low halogen levels
Bellacide 325 possesses EPA approvals not only for use in industrial cooling and process water applications, but also decorative and ornamental fountains. It also holds NSF approval for applications found in a food & beverage environment.


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