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Myacide GA 45

Myacide GA 45

$ 299.00

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Glutaraldehyde 45% - Non-Oxidizing Biocide

Myacide GA 45 is a 45 % aqueous solution of Glutaraldehyde. Myacide GA 45 is especially effective in controlling slime forming bacteria, sulfate-reducing bacteria and algae in recirculating cooling water systems, air washers, pasteurizers, reverse osmosis and other recirculating systems.

Myacide GA 45 provides:


  • Able to remove established Bio-Film and inhibit growth
  • Broad spectrum activity, kills both Aerobic and Anaerobic organisms
  • Chemically compatible with most common scale and corrosion inhibitors and dispersants
  • Effective over a broad pH range
  • Nonfoaming
  • Water soluble
  • Compatible with halogens, e.g., Bromine / Chlorine
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